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Clean and Minimal User Interface

Provides an intuitive and distraction-free learning environment, enhancing student focus and engagement. This leads to improved knowledge retention and a greater likelihood of course completion, boosting instructor reputation and sales.

Switch between Light and Dark Mode

Improves user comfort and accessibility, allowing for longer study sessions without eye strain. This results in happy students who are more likely to recommend the instructor's courses.

Send Push Notifications from Admin Panel

Instructors can directly engage with their students, providing timely updates, reminders, and promotions. This nurtures a strong student-instructor relationship, encouraging repeat subscriptions and purchases.

In App Subscriptions

In-App Subscriptions to Access Premium Courses. Creates a recurring revenue stream for instructors, offering a sustainable way to monetize their knowledge and expertise. Tiered subscriptions enhance profitability potential.

Web App

Different Types of Lessons

With Video, Articles and Quiz Based Lessons, it caters to diverse learning styles, improving engagement and overall retention. This attracts a wider student base and increases the likelihood of course completion, thus enhancing the instructor's reputation.

Categories, Tags and Author Based Courses

Makes content discovery easy for potential students. This streamlined user experience increases discoverability of an instructor's courses, generating more interest and sales.

Top Author and Individual Authors Profile

Showcases established thought leaders and subject matter experts. This builds student trust and establishes credibility, driving interest and enrollment in their courses.

Course Rating and Reviews

Provides social proof, a vital factor in buying decisions. Positive ratings and reviews attract more students and solidify an instructor's reputation, bolstering course sales.

Different Types of Course Layouts

Enhances the browsing experience and improves usability. Students can quickly find their preferred format, resulting in faster enrollment decisions.

Wishlist and User Account Control

Empowers students, giving them ownership over their learning experiences and respecting their privacy. This fosters trust, encouraging course purchases and repeat usage of the platform.

Upcoming Feature Updates


Creates a dynamic learning experience that goes beyond passive content absorption. The diversity tests knowledge more effectively and keeps students engaged, leading to better course outcomes and positive reviews.

Flash Cards

Interactive study tools promote better knowledge retention through spaced repetition. This helps students retain information, leading to better course results and instructor reputation.

Progress Indicators

Visual indicator motivates learners by tracking their completion progress. This gamification element enhances engagement, increasing the chances of students finishing courses and potentially purchasing more.